How do I get started with Digital Transformation?

Answer: Getting started with digital transformation requires a plan with a clear mission, and the right partners. The best way to start is to work with an experienced firm who can guide you on the journey. Once you have that set up, you can get to work on the nitty gritty details.

Step 1: Get Those Who Matter On Board

When starting the digital transformation process, you need to get all executives, chiefs, and team members who will be involved in the project on board with the plan before you start. That way, everyone will be on the same page and you won’t have someone stopping your hard work and brilliant ideas before they even get a chance to get into the world.

Step 2: Establish Areas of Digital Deficiency

Once we are on board with you, we will help you identify the areas in your business where digital transformation can help. You may already have ideas of what you want to work on. We will work with you to do a deep dive into your business and find anywhere that could be improved. Possible areas include customer service, order fulfillment, community management, and IT infrastructure. Keep in mind that these areas of transformation are not only for your end users but also for your teams. That means we can help you implement new digital technologies and procedures that will help on either side of the equation.

Step 3: Work With The Right Partners

As digital transformation experts, we have a slew of technology partners at our disposal. We can connect you with the ones who are right for your projects. As an agency, we can also help you save on overhead because you won’t need to hire in-house specialists for each part of the plan. We can provide everything you need. The right partners can set you up for success and make sure that you are reaching your goals with your new digital ideas.

Step 4: Team Training

Before a digital transformation is fully implemented you need to train your teams on the new technology. Keep in mind that training should also include information about the goals of the new programs, and information about the structure and future plans for implementation or further changes.

Step 5: Get Transformed!

This is how to kick-start digital transformation. It’s time to begin! The best way to implement such a plan is to take it one day at a time and break larger projects into smaller, manageable chunks with easy to achieve goals. Once the plan is implemented, we can help you monitor select key performance indicators to track how we can tweak the plan to make it even better.

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