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Nelson Westerberg

Bosio set out with Nelson Westerberg to completely transform its online presence in the marketplace with a complete rebranding, site rebuild, and overhaul of digital online sales and digital marketing strategy to transition the traditional company of 100 + years to begin to compete and establish a powerful online presence, build a solid review process, and integrate a modern sales system and support in streamlining the internal digital lead to conversion process for exponential growth in the digital marketplace.

Power Yoga

Bosio has been partnering for over 7 years with Bryan Kest, founder of Power Yoga, to transfer his 35 years of knowledge and experience as one of the first to bring yoga with a profound influence to the West. Bosio has helped Power Yoga to become one of the only individual yoga instructors to be able to compete as a key player in the online yoga business. By continuously implementing key brand, innovation and marketing strategies, Power Yoga has grown to support thousands in bringing online yoga memberships, online teacher trainings, and online health and yoga programs to people all over the world.  Bosio’s dedication to the Power Yoga online business as a key partner has enable for long-term growth of sales, traffic and a loyal, long-term customer base that transcended his originally live studios and world-wide physical presence to his students.


Bringing into the palm of your hand traditional & authentic meditation practices and teachings into a modern and accessible path and living online community. A heart project of Bosio, we helped build Mindworks, an educational non-profit 501c3. Working with a wonderful team of co-founders, we conceived, designed and created a digital, online platform and community as well as an app for bringing key accessible meditation instruction for today’s challenging environment.

Fleet 53

Bosio partnered with a well-established home moving company to recreate a fresh modern brand to launch and introduce into the digital home moving segment. We worked with the key business players to reinvent the corporate identity that would be suitable for a younger generation of home movers and conceive of a digital business presence that would speak to and attract new digital customers through collaborating with the team in developing a powerful, yet steady growing digital sales and marketing strategy and efforts to establish the new business and online sales and integrate it back into the physical, traditional business.

Kalish Institute

A leader in functional medicine, the Kalish institute sought to capitalize on its initial success in online learning for health care practitioners and doctors in functional medicine.  Bosio worked together with KI to redevelop and expand the institute’s online learning programs and build new and powerful collaborations with other leaders in the industry, like the IFM. We redesigned a new online platform to better support the new programs and  recreated a focused plan and strategy for the online marketing of new and existing programs as well as build new channels, content and customer bases for building the new business.


Successful strategy, digital marketing & PR support for US launch, Kickstarter campaign which led to further start-up series funding.

We supported the initial a tight and aggressive PR and kickstarter marketing campaign to build excitement in interest in a developing the future of app-based bike mobility.  Our work led to a successful kickstarter campaign, awards for best CES innovation awards.


Building the first intelligent e-commerce platform in the U.S.

Yoga Six

Helping to make intelligent decisions to balance a growing yoga studio chain with interest in the online studio development. 

Knowing when and how to build a digitial business with strategic innovation sessions, knowing key industry and online trends, making the effort to do the right kind of market research and balancing physical retail priorities with future online efforts.

Steel Guard Safety

Rethinking industrial handling online business.

Protech Composites

Innovative carbon fiber company grows 3x.

We worked closely with a new and growing carbon composite manufacturing company to develop a clearer growth and online marketing strategy and align internal efforts.  During our close work together, Protech grew 300% in just a few short years and was able to expand operations.


Rethinking industrial handling online business.

adidas Fashion Group

Partnership in developing and growing premier online boutique brand stores.

We worked many years as a partner of adidas, both in Germany headquarters as well as for the US brand.  We helped create some of their first initial e-commerce operations and launched a new experimental line – both launching and overseeing the initial operations for the e-commerce segments of Y-3 and SLVR brands.

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