Digital Transformation in Health & Wellness

When it comes to health & wellness sub-industries like yoga, innovative health products, meditation and functional medicine, digital transformation is the best way to get your business to success. Using digital transformation can help your users and clients get what they want out of your service, making the relationship much more mutually beneficial. What is digital transformation in wellness? Here are some of the top trends we’ve noticed.

1. Personalized Plans

When using a digital service for health or wellness, users of today want a personalized approach. They figure they are giving their personal information to you, so the result should be something that works for them. By using a clear digital engagement strategy for these services, you can easily make data driven plans for each user. User hasn’t been logging into their yoga app lately? Send a survey via e-mail, find out why, then respond with suggested classes for the issue. Through digital transformation, all those steps can be automated.

2. Virtualization

Due to coronavirus, more things than ever are taking place online. Need examples of digital transformation in the health & wellness space? Therapy, meditation, fitness and health classes of all sorts, and more, have all moved into the virtual sphere. Don’t let your business get left behind. By offering online offerings through either live or pre-recorded video, you can be sure to reach the people who are looking to improve or maintain their health through this stressful time.

3. Wearables

More people than ever are using an Apple Watch or any other wearable device that helps them track their health habits. If you want to offer a well rounded product for your users, making your app compatible with the most popular devices can help tech savvy users adopt. Plus, wearables help users stay in control of their own health. They can easily see the data every day instead of having to wait to go to the doctor and have a doctor interpret test results.

Many industry experts also see wearables as an integral part of preventative medicine – this is one of the major benefits of digital transformation in the wellness sphere. They can help people catch health abnormalities before they get to an advanced stage.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in health & wellness does not look like science fiction movies. It is not a robot doctor or meeting with a computer for advice like in the movie THX1138. What artificial intelligence can do is make the digital service aspect of your business even more seamless. You can implement a chat bot to filter customers to the proper end representative or send them to the proper service.

5. Rock Solid Data Security

When it comes to people’s personal data as it relates to health & wellness products, your digital security must be on its best game. There are already several digital products you can incorporate into your business processes to improve security in the health and wellness arena. Through digitization, you can make sure to protect your user’s data so they will feel even more comfortable using your products.

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