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We transform brands, reinvent business models, accelerate digital marketing & online sales, and implement the newest technologies so your business & teams can thrive.

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What our clients are saying:

Nelson Westerberg

Nelson Westerberg

Steve Westerberg, CEO

“Bosio has helped us to digitally transform and automate key processes in our business which enabled our company to become more efficient and profitable.”



Bart Mendel, Co-Founder

“Bosio has helped us to successfully create and launch an entirely new business concept and model from start to finish. We highly recommend their work.”

Power Yoga

power yoga

Bryan Kest, Founder & Owner

“Sascha, Laura and their team helped us to fully digitalize our business and to launch and run a fantastic online yoga streaming service worldwide.”

How can digital transformation accelerate your company?

Digital transformation of your business should not make your processes artificial. We keep the humanity in your business while letting digitization and technology work to best serve the teams, clients, and customers it is meant to work for.

We are not robots!

We create new business models, implement efficient digital business strategies and innovative technologies that best support your workflow and processes and create fully human and personal customer experiences.


Business & Revenue Growth

Leadership Development

New Market Entry & Expansion

Entering European Markets

Customer Retention & Satisfaction

New Product & Service Launch

Company Culture

Employee Well-Being


Health & Wellness


Innovative Products

Luxury, Lifestyle, Fashion


Industrial Manufacturing

Why is digital transformation important for your industry?

Because it’s essential to have a uniquely human brand and messaging that expresses the people in your company in every aspect of your company’s digital presentation. We catapult your business with targeted communication that speaks to your core group, whether it’s a brand evolution or a new digital online experience, we seamlessly translate the critical human experience and expression of your business into any effective digital medium.

Businesses must meet the expectations of our online world, and bridge the gap between analog experiences and digital technologies, to stay afloat.

Our approach to digital transformation is centered around learning and growing with your organization. Meet our team

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