How To Develop Converting Content

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What is a content marketing strategy?

A content strategy is a plan for how your business will create any type of content including pieces of writing, videos, audio files, downloadable assets and more.

Businesses need content. But, if you put it out with no plan in place, it doesn’t serve its purpose – helping your business achieve its goals. You need a strategy. Wondering how to develop a content marketing strategy?

Define target market & select content formats

First, define your target audience, choose the formats you will use, and select where and when to post. Format choices include blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, live and recorded videos, and Ebooks. The formats you choose depends on your target audience. Professionals from certain fields expect to find helpful Ebooks or case studies on a vendor website. Other businesses might benefit from putting more effort into social media posts or a podcast.

The channels where you post content are also an important factor. Your website is a great place for it, but you can also use social media sites, paid ads, and e-mail, among others. Representing your business on forums and review sites can also be an important part of content strategies, depending on your industry.

Managing & scheduling content

Now, it’s nearly time to implement the plan. Many use project management solutions and a content calendar to keep projects on track. Content management systems (CMS) are also popular. They help users update channels without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Social media automation also helps with planning. A social media manager can use this tool to schedule multiple posts at one time, so they don’t have to watch the clock to post at the perfect time.

Developing content topics

One of the most important parts of a content game plan is the topics you will cover. How to develop blog content strategies? Here are some ideas:

  • Check your website analytics for popular pages that already exist and brainstorm related topic
  • Read the news regularly and cover trending topics in your industry
  • Create answers to frequently asked questions or frequent customer service issues
  • Interview industry leaders (but not direct competitors) who you admire Have guest bloggers come up with their own topics
  • Use successful case studies
  • Find your competitor’s posts and cover similar topics to compete for SERP rankings
  • Evaluate a competitor site for content opportunities they have not yet covered
  • Create multimedia tutorials for how to use different features of your product

Creating the content

Now it’s time to make the content. Hire writers, videographers, photographers, and whoever else it takes to get the job done. One of the benefits of working with an agency for content strategy is that they will source those professionals for you, if needed. If you’re doing it in-house, make sure to use professional multimedia equipment to create a polished result.

When it comes to content, analyze the performance of each piece you put out there. That way, you improve your content strategies with each post you make.

A content strategy example

Beautiful Jewels creates jewelry and accessories. Right now, they have a website with an online shop. However, they know they are missing out on opportunities! So they hire Bosio as content consultants.

First, we find out their target clients are women between the ages of 32-65 who make most of the shopping decisions for their household. We work with Beautiful Jewels accessories to decide what type of content they should post and where.

We add a blog to their site, and create videos that showcase different ways to wear the accessories and suggest clothing styles to wear with the jewelry. We create a YouTube channel, film videos, and create a content calendar. We create blog posts about each video, and include posts on topics like “Top 10 Blue Jewelry Looks for Spring” based on popular products from their online store.

Working with a social media automator, we also schedule social media posts for each blog post & video created. Each month, we analyze the results to get new ideas for content that generates traffic to the site. Our content marketing plan results in better engagement statistics and more online sales for the business.


What is content strategy? It includes anything content-related your business puts out into the world. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own. Contact us to get a team of experts by your side to create a game plan to make your content shine.

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